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Purposeful, passionate, and bold, these Big Think+ experts have made important contributions to human thought and to the history of ideas.
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12 traits emotionally intelligent people share (And why you can learn them)
12 min
Elderly man with a full white beard and glasses, wearing a brown jacket, against a white background.
The 4 biggest ideas in philosophy, with legend Daniel Dennett
12 min
Elderly woman with a gentle smile wearing a turquoise blouse and a neck scarf.
From bullied to brilliant: How Temple Grandin embraces autism
8 min
An image of a brain with the words future proof on it.
How to future-proof your career
9 min
A silhouette of a man flying in the sky with stars.
How the body keeps the score of trauma
a close up of a monkey with its mouth open.
The “alpha male” myth, debunked
7 min
a woman with grey hair and a blue jacket.
Berkeley professor explains gender theory
13 min