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Who Says Mexico Is a Latin American Country?

Not Jorge Castañeda. In his Big Think interview, the country’s former Secretary of Foreign Affairs—now a Global Distinguished Professor of Politics at NYU—argues that Mexico’s destiny is to become part of a “North American community” similar to the European Union.

In principle, Castañeda says, this community “probably should include some type of monetary union along European lines.” Getting there won’t be easy, however: in order for Mexico to develop its way out of its longstanding economic rut, it will have to convince its northern neighbor to look south and see economic opportunities, not drug and immigration controversies.

About those controversies: Castañeda views illegal immigration as a potential “solution” rather than a problem, and the U.S.-Mexico border fence as a “terrible” (but so far, ineffectual) idea. As for the war on drugs, he believes it’s “unwinnable” and suggests that the two countries “sit back for a second” and rethink the whole policy, which currently requires Mexicans to die combating the smuggling of marijuana that can now be sold legally in California dispensaries.


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