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Web Site Helps Keep Censored Journalism Visible

Reporters Without Borders has launched a site that “publishes content that has been censored or banned or has led to reprisals against its creator.”

What’s the Latest Development?

Reporters Without Borders (RWB), the NGO that monitors levels of press freedom around the world, recently launched We Fight Censorship, a Web site that displays content that was censored or banned. After being reviewed, the material is posted in its original language along with a translation (mostly English or French) and a brief description of why it’s being posted. The site also offers users techniques for making their connections or their documents more secure, as well as a “digital safe” that allows documents to be transferred to RWB anonymously.

What’s the Big Idea?

RWB director Christophe Deloire says the site is primarily a tool of dissuasion: “The point is to show the censors that every censored article or publication will find an even bigger audience.” All the content is accessible for duplication, enabling it to spread even further without fear of being taken down. Deloire notes that the site does not publish raw content and thus should not be compared to WikiLeaks. “With [We Fight Censorship], journalists will be able to keep playing their role as forces of opposition in order to create a more democratic and transparent society.

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