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Democrats are planning how to reconcile Senate and House versions of healthcare reform now that both chambers have passed their respective bills.

“Democrats are already outlining a strategy to achieve a final compromise that can satisfy the more liberal House without upsetting the painstakingly assembled coalition of 60 Senate Democrats and independents. Central to those talks, House leaders said, will be the search for an acceptable substitute for a government-run insurance plan that those without medical coverage could purchase, a provision the House designed to compete with private insurers and force them to rein in costs. While the Senate has decisively rejected the ‘public option,’ House leaders say they will demand other concessions to ensure that Americans can afford the insurance they will be required to buy if the bill becomes law. ‘We have to be absolutely convinced that this is going to accomplish the goal of holding down the cost of health insurance. The American consumer cannot be left hostage to the whims of private insurance,’ said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), a member of the House leadership. ‘We’re asking every American to share some responsibility in getting health insurance; we need to ensure that every American can afford it.’”


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