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Philippines Massacre

The death toll of the massacre of journalists and politicians in southern Philippines has hit 52 after investigators discovered another six bodies.

“Police investigating the massacre of a group of journalists and politicians in the southern Philippines have found another six bodies, taking the total death toll from the attack to at least 52. The bodies were dug out of a shallow pit on Wednesday, close to the scene in southern Maguindanao province where another 46 victims were found following what is believed to be the Philippines’ worst politically-linked massacre. The latest discovery comes after police formally named a local mayor, Andal Ampatuan Jr., as the lead suspect in the killings. He is head of the municipality of Datu Unsay, and the son of the provincial governor, a powerful local political ally of Gloria Arroyo, the Philippine president.”

Fifty people have been detained after martial law was imposed in a southern Philippines province where 57 people were killed in a massacre two weeks ago.

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