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George Bush’s Memoirs

The National Interest calls Bush's memoir a record of how a dauphin took the world's leading power and left it crippled. Is Bush's legacy one with the nation's?

Bush’s memoir should prompt renewed reflections upon his catastrophic presidency. It is really a saga of how a dauphin could take the leading power in the world and leave it crippled. Today the Wall Street Journal features no less than two articles in which German and Japanese leaders condemn America for fiscal folly. Specifically, they’re objecting to the so-called quantitative easing that the Federal Reserve is continuing to pursue … The Fed probably doesn’t have much choice. If the American economy were to lapse into a depression, it could easily turn into a world-wide one. But it’s a potent reminder of the house that George W. Bush unbuilt. Callow, unreflective, and profligate, Bush has remained true to himself. His legacy could become America’s permanent one.


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