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Bush’s Drum Beat

The UK government knew that the Bush administration wanted to tackle Saddam Hussein years before the invasion of Iraq, but knew it was “unlawful.”

“Tony Blair’s [UK] government knew that prominent members of the Bush administration wanted to topple Saddam Hussein years before the invasion but initially distanced itself from the prospect knowing it would be unlawful, it was disclosed at the Iraq inquiry today. British intelligence also dismissed claims by elements in the US administration that the Iraqi leader was linked to Osama bin Laden, it heard. Evidence given at the opening day of the inquiry, chaired by the former top civil servant Sir John Chilcot, painted a picture of a Whitehall slowly realising the significance of George Bush’s election in November 2000 on US policy towards Iraq. Even before Bush’s administration came to power an article written by his then national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, warned that ‘nothing will change’ in Iraq until Saddam was gone, Sir Peter Ricketts, a former chairman of the joint intelligence committee (JIC) and now the Foreign Office’s top official, told the inquiry.”

Facing a government inquiry over the Iraq War, former English P.M. Tony Blair said that the British should feel a sense of pride about the war.

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