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Empowering Growth

“Team leaders who not only consider themselves ‘managers’

but ‘people developers’ can help inspire and motivate employees to grow.”

L&D Strategy

“Being transformation-ready doesn’t mean adopting the latest technology.

Instead, it’s about developing a learning culture that positions the entire organization to adapt to the inevitable unknowns the future will bring.” 

The ever-elusive “soft” skills tied to a high emotional intelligence (EQ) remain a key differentiator between wildly successful employees and ones who may struggle to effectively collaborate with their peers. […]
Robert S. Kaplan, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, discusses the qualities of effective leadership and identifies some of the questions that every leadership should regularly […]
In-person training programs were, at one time, the best way to help your employees learn new skills and to ensure that the lessons stuck. With an in-person training session, employees […]
In this video, Malcolm Gladwell, staff writer with The New Yorker magazine and author of four New York Times bestselling books, discusses what separates “geniuses” from the rest. In addition […]
With the new year fast approaching, people often start brainstorming some personal goals to improve themselves and their lives. However, these “New Year’s Resolutions” aren’t exclusive to individuals. Organizations can […]
Strong performance has an enormous impact on an organization’s viability — it boils down to a team of highly effective, dedicated workers who can complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
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