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Empowering Growth

“Team leaders who not only consider themselves ‘managers’

but ‘people developers’ can help inspire and motivate employees to grow.”

L&D Strategy

“Being transformation-ready doesn’t mean adopting the latest technology.

Instead, it’s about developing a learning culture that positions the entire organization to adapt to the inevitable unknowns the future will bring.” 

With the new year fast approaching, people often start brainstorming some personal goals to improve themselves and their lives. However, these “New Year’s Resolutions” aren’t exclusive to individuals. Organizations can […]
Strong performance has an enormous impact on an organization’s viability — it boils down to a team of highly effective, dedicated workers who can complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
Summary In this lesson excerpt, video game designer Jane McGonigal walks you through how gaming can lead to positive outcomes in the workplace. By the end of the video, you […]
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