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Take Your Networking to the Next Level By Creating Social Ecosystems

You exist within dozens of social and professional ecosystems. Lasting success in both realms depends on your ability to foster these ecosystems and build connections between them.

We’ve all been told time and time again how important it is to build our personal and professional networks by meeting new people. According to Olga Steidl, writing over at The Next Web, the continued nurturing of these networks forms social ecosystems that can serve as “a perpetual motion machine of ideas, projects and positive energy”:

“When you live and breath the mantra ‘never eat alone’ you know how important it is to attract and spend time with people you like: the right type of people that help you naturally move forward mentally, emotionally and, of course, professionally. You need to start building connections and these connections can be looked at as your personal ecosystem.”

Steidl, whose professional title is Growth Manager at Inbot, lays out a thorough timeline for how to understand and benefit from social ecosystems. Her steps to success include a guide for building connections through storytelling, strategies for effective brainstorming, and a walk-through for how to create a lasting professional partnership. Be sure to check out her full piece (linked below) and let us know what you think.

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