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Rubik’s Cubism

An artist has been recreating masterpieces using rubik’s cubes instead of paint.

An artist has been recreating classical masterpieces using an unusual medium – rubik’s cubes! Toronto-based graphic designer Josh Chalom has reproduced Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe among other things. He and his team don’t take the easy way out either as each rubik’s cube has to be solved according to the pattern it needs to fit in with. Luckily they can use computers to pre-determine the pattern though! “Once we’ve fed the image into the computer, the image it generates is comprised of an almost infinite number of colours. Our graphic artists have to work with the result using only the six Rubik’s Cube colours until they’ve produced the desired end-result. It can take awhile to get the right image,” Chalom told Environmental Graffiti.

The idea of forgery resonates more than ever today in a culture in which “the open exchange of ideas has been rebranded as piracy.” 

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