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Reinhard Schmidt Epmd

Ep Medsystems Termination

Reinhard Schmidt, EP MedSystems’ President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “We are very pleased to report our second consecutive quarter of record revenues. Our increased investment in sales and marketing continues to have a significant impact and drove growth across all product lines. The increase in sales also positively impacted our margins, which increased to 60% for this quarter compared to 50% for the comparable period last year, and increased to 58% for the nine months ended September 30, 2004, compared to 51% in the same period of 2003.”

Reinhard Schmidt Epmd

Intervals are detected too frequently * Select analysis in the catheter map Setup screen. With the cursor on the analysis type, select the EDIT button. Adjust the Thd. Floor, Thd. Level or Blanking to higher values to increase the accuracy. Adjust the filters to change the location the tick mark is placed. Set the Window to 10.

Reinhard Schmidt EpmdReinhard Schmidt Epmd

Intermittent stimulation channel * Verify the pulse width of the stimulator is at least 2 msecs in duration. * The markers for sites A and B on the back of the stimulator must be connected via BNC cable to the PMI junction box, usually on the first channel. * Make sure the setup has PMI- for the negative pin and the correct channel selected for the positive pin. Make sure the analysis is set to STIM. To make it look square, filter between DC and 500Hz.. Reinhard Schmidt EpmdReinhard Schmidt Ep Med SystemsEp Medsystems TerminationReinhard Schmidt Ep MedsystemsReinhard Schmidt TerminationReinhard Schmidt Ep Medsystems


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