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Microresolutions Put You on the Road to Real Change

Change is hard to do. In fact, for many “change” is a dirty word. Regardless, our society is set-up to embrace change. Every New Years Eve we flaunt our resolutions for the coming year, goals that have been sitting on the back burner and never given the attention they need in order to come true. And every year, many of us fall short of our resolutions, fueling our sense that the accomplishment is far out of reach.

That’s why there’s power in small steps. Small adjustments are far easier to adapt to than attempting big, sweeping changes. Overtime, they create a sustainable transformation. The microresolution method is broken down in Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold, a managing director at Goldman Sachs. She presents the challenges and solutions to making changes that last a lifetime.

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In this workshop you will learn how to address:

— Using microresolutions to transform your life

— Understanding your psychological autopilot

— How to think small to change big

— Getting specific with your microresolution

— Test driving and recalibration

— Using instant gratification to your advantage, and more

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