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If Our Neurons Were Better, We Might Not Bother With Love

Neuroscientist David Linden says the human need for love is actually the indirect result of our inefficient neurons.

According to neuroscientist David Linden, the neurons in our brains are inefficient. Like really inefficient. These ancient cells he disses as “jellyfish-like or coral-like” are “unreliable, they leak signals to their neighbors and they’re slow.” They’re so lousy at what they do that we need lots and lots of them to be at all intelligent, hence our need for big brains. And because it takes about 20 years for a newborn’s 400 cc brain to grow into an 1,200 cc brain, we need mothering for longer than other animals. And because being a single mom in nature is a tough gig, we need…

On the other hand, think of the money he saves on valentines.


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