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How to Build A Dream Team

Acquiring and integrating talent requires strong, skilled leadership. Brian Dodd summarizes some “how to” insights gleaned from the Miami Heat.

What’s the Latest Development?

Business leader, do you want to acquire that amazingly talented person who works for the competition?  Coaches, do you want to build a Dream Team like the Miami Heat? Brian Dodd says all leaders lie in bed at night and dream about what could be if they just had the right people. He credits a recent Fast Company magazine interview with helping him achieve insights into talent acquisitions and integration.

What’s the Big Idea? 

Key factors shown in the cases of great teams with multiple superstars include the following: consistency, sacrifice, talent, short-term loyalty, familiarity, value, commonality, bonding, identity, collaboration, cohesion, specialties, space, integration, decision-making, credibility and time.


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