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Personal Growth

Credibility Comes from Within

Want more authority? Acting more authoritatively is one step but you must also eliminate the limiting beliefs that undermine you. For instance, the need to be loved.

What’s the Latest Development?

Cy Wakeman says that to project more authority in the workplace it’s not just a matter of acting more authoritatively, though that is also crucial: “Eliminating your own limiting beliefs that are certain to show up in your actions is really the key.” One very potent move is to say what you need to say and then shut up!

What’s the Big Idea?

Her tips on how to do that: Work to get rid of your own need for “love” (need to be liked), “approval” or “appreciation”; make your point in few words; edit your stories; quit playing small; and have an exit strategy. Regarding the need to edit your stories, she says that what causes stress is not “the actions we need to take, but by the stories we make up about what will happen when we do step up…Ditch the stories and the drama.”


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