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Male, 46, married w/children. Lifelong US midwesterner. Patriarch lineage 1633 settled in Massachusetts, puritans. Matriarch, 1755 Virginia, indentured. I'm part English, Irish, German, Cherokee, and who knows what else. Typical American stuff.

What do I believe?

I believe humans now have the knowledge available to understand how we came to exist.  The remaining question of why, is what drives the need for some sort of explanation. Does it […]

God is a concept.

Concept:  A general notion or idea. In the real world, the concept of god doesn’t even warrant theory status, so why is it that people continue to insist upon the existence of […]

Re: Making Sense of It All

Melissa Chiu,   This is such an important point, and you relate it so well!  I find myself returning to this site because of the eloquence and worldviews of wonderful people […]