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Saul Levmore

William B. Graham Distinguished Professor of Law at The University of Chicago

Dr. Saul Levmore is a renowned academic and professor of law. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as the past president of the American Law Deans Association. Dr. Levmore's extensive experience in teaching has made him a highly sought-after expert in various facets of the law. His published works range from game theory and insurance to tax law and intellectual property rights. Most recently, Dr. Levmore has studied topics in public choice, Internet anonymity, financial risk regulation, and double jeopardy. He is the author of "Super Strategies for Games and Puzzles and Foundations of Tort Law." and the co-editor of the book "The Offensive Internet: Speech, Privacy, and Reputation." Dr. Levmore is currently the William B. Graham Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Chicago.

In this selection from his Floating University lecture, Saul Levmore describes why economics is relevant. Sure, economics is about making money. But it’s really about human behavior in general, he […]
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