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Ross Pomeroy

Editor, RealClearScience

Steven Ross Pomeroy is the editor of RealClearScience. As a writer, Ross believes that his greatest assets are his insatiable curiosity and his ceaseless love for learning. Follow him on Twitter @SteRoPo.

ross pomeroy

10 Problems With How We Think

We can never totally escape our biases, but we can be more aware of them, and, just maybe, take efforts to minimize their influence.

Coca-Cola’s Adorable Lies About Polar Bears

Coca-Cola is by no means the first company to ignore inconvenient animal behavior facts, so we shouldn't be too hard on them. To Coke's credit, they do support polar bear research and conservation efforts. 

The Three Values of Science

Richard Feynman was struggling with an existential crisis only a member of the Manhattan Project could truly experience: "Put another way, what is the value of the science I had dedicated myself to--the thing I loved--when I saw what terrible things it could do? It was a question I had to answer."  

Hilariously Stupid Science Questions

"There's no such thing as a stupid question." We'd now like to present eleven more, courtesy of the same esteemed panel of "logic-dodging" jokesters over at Reddit that came up with the original list. 

How Toxic is Nicotine?

Thanks to some scientific sleuthing courtesy of a dedicated toxicologist, nicotine may have to surrender its infamous position.

The Flimsy Evidence for Flossing

While hundreds of flossing studies have been conducted, many are plagued by potential issues of researcher bias, as well as poor experimental design. In the past decade, three systematic reviews sought to navigate these muddy waters.