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Matthew Ball

Metaverse Expert

Matthew Ball is the CEO of Epyllion, a diversified holding company which makes angel investments, provides advisory services, and produces television, films, and video games.

Ball is also a Venture Partner at Makers Fund, Senior Advisor to KKR, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company, and sits on the board of numerous start-ups. His first book, “The Metaverse and How it Will Revolutionize Everything”, was published in July 2022 and became an instant national and international bestseller. Ball is also an “Occasional Contributor” to The Economist, holds bylines at Bloomberg, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and wrote the August 8, 2022 cover story for Time Magazine.

Epyllion’s start-up portfolio includes Genvid Technologies, The Athletic, Dapper Labs, Polygon, Antenna, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Parrot Analytics, Pushkin Industries, Blaseball, Headspace, Mirror.XYZ, One More Multiverse, LivingCities.XYZ, LightForge Games, Noodle Cat Games, RSTLSS, and many other unannounced companies.

Epyllion is the majority shareholder in Ball Metaverse Research Partners, which provides the Index behind the world’s largest gaming and/or Metaverse-themed ETF, the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF, which can be found on the New York Stock Exchange (Ticker: METV), and was also the largest sector ETF launch of 2021. Epyllion is also a co-founding partner in the Ball Multicoin Bitwise Metaverse Index Fund, the world’s largest crypto-focused thematic Metaverse fund.

Epyllion Entertainment produced Rival Peak and The Walking Dead: The Last Mile, and is producing a large TV adaptation of a globally popular video game franchise, as well as games set in various comicbook, video game shooter, and video game horror franchises.

Ball was previously the Head of Strategy for Amazon Studios, and an executive at The Chernin Group’s Otter Media and Accenture. In the 2000s, he was a full-time wildfire fighter in Canada.