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Marianne Legato

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University

Dr. Marianne Legato is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University, where she also directs and founded the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine.

Dr. Legato is the founder and editor of "The Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine and of Gender-Medicine" and a leading advocate for the inclusion of women in clinical trials. She is annually cited in New York Magazine's top doctors issues. She is also the author of Eve's Rib:The New Science of Gender-Specific Medicine and How It Can Save Your Life, The Female Heart, and Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget, and, most recently, "Why Men Die First: How to Lengthen Your Lifespan." She edited the medical textbook, "Principles of Gender Specific Medicine," the first compilation for professional audiences of the sex-specific aspects of normal human function and disease.

She lives in New York City.