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Isaac Lidsky

Author 'Eyes Wide Open'

Isaac Lidsky grew up in Miami, Florida and began his career playing Weisel Weizel on Season One of Saved By the Bell: The New Class. He graduated from Harvard at 19 with an honors degree in mathematics and computer science, then later graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude. As a U.S. Justice Department lawyer, Lidsky argued more than a dozen appeals in federal court on behalf of the United States and never lost a case.

After applying 37 times for a Supreme Court clerkship, received an offer from retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor for a clerkship for the 2008-2009 term—becoming one of the elite few selected each year and the only blind clerk to serve in the history of the Court. He was also detailed to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

He founded a nonprofit organization to fund the development of treatments for blinding diseases and within 5 years grew it to a dozen cities nationwide and more than $5 million. The technology company he founded sold for $230 million.Perhaps most striking, Lidsky is only 37, and he is blind. Born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare degenerative disease of the retina, from age 12 to 25 he slowly lost his sight. He is the author of Eyes Wide Open.