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Francis Reynolds

Francis Reynolds is the managing editor of Guernica magazine and editorial producer of The Nation. As a Big Think blogger, he focuses on the media landscape and the ever-evolving ways we get our news. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Facebook sends more users to broadcast news sites, while Google News sends more to newspaper sites. 10,000 Words argues that news media shouldn’t wait to develop iPad apps, because the […]
When does removing online content or editing it after the fact cross the line into censorship? In an intelligent article posted to Alternet earlier this week, Melinda Burns investigates the […]
Journalists may one day have a Saint among their ranks: the Roman Catholic church recently announced that the late Spanish journalist Manuel Lozano Garrido will be beatified this June, making […]
Days after Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake this January, “fan pages” purporting to aid fundraising for emergency relief popped up all over Facebook. The pages said they would donate $1 for each […]