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David Ropeik

Big Think Contributor, "Risk, Reason & Reality"

David Ropeik is a science journalist and consultant. He formerly taught at Harvard University, wrote a science column for the Boston Globe, and was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. He is the author of Curing Cancerphobia.

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John Silber just passed away. He accomplished many things…made Boston University into an internationally recognized academic institution, served as Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Education…but he also taught an […]
 The United States has already suffered the worst outbreak of West Nile virus ever, with more than 1,100 people ill and 41 dead. And more illness and death are yet […]
     Want to live a longer healthier life? Chill out. And stop lying. For the same reason. Stress is really REALLY bad for your health.             Chronic stress is bad […]
      Derecho Alert!!!!!! AAAIIIGGGHHH!!!! Grab the kids! Run for the basement, quick!       As this is being written a line of severe thunderstorms is sweeping across sections of the Northeast […]
      It’s a Mean Mean Mean Mean World. Just ask the people in Aurora, Colorado. Or the people in Colombine, Colorado. Or the people of Port Arthur, Australia, where a […]
            The FDA has banned bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles in sippy cups.             The FDA has not banned BPA for use in food containers.             Huh?             What […]
      Fireworks are really cool to watch, but to me, the best part is watching them with thousands of other people who have all come together with the same purpose…to […]
      Egypt has a civilian president. For most of us….so what. These are distant events, physically and emotionally, without much meaning and certainly with little personal relevance for […]
            My father, a journalist, died a few days ago. He taught me that journalism is not just a job but a calling, a high form of public service. I […]