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David Quigg

David Quigg is a writer and photographer. Before quitting newspaper journalism in 2003 to stay home with his newborn son and toddler daughter, David covered the World Trade Organization riots, politics, local government, and all things Seattle for The (Tacoma) News Tribune. In addition to Big Think, he now writes for The Huffington Post and his own blog, which he describes as "an undignified glimpse of the scattershot passions that, with any luck, will conspire to prevent me from ever serving as an expert panelist." He is the author of an unpublished novel, Void Where Prohibited.

Reporting from Mexico for the December issue of the The Atlantic, author Philip Caputo writes that “drug trafficking and its attendant corruption are a malignancy that has spread into Mexico’s […]
I came home from Sunday night’s thrilling Major League Soccer championship game sure that I would finish my weekend by writing about the explosive aftermath of the World Cup qualifying match between Egypt […]
One word haunts Seymour Hersh’s new investigative piece about the potentially shaky security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal: “mutiny.” As Hersh writes, “the Taliban overrunning Islamabad is not the only, or […]
Drug-war dispatches out of Mexico, Pakistan’s seeming inability to control its tribal areas, and Jon Lee Anderson’s recent reporting on the largely lawless swaths of Rio de Janeiro lodged a […]