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Andrew Taggart

Practical Philosopher and Entrepreneur

Andrew J. Taggart is a practical philosopher and entrepreneur who teaches individuals and organizations how to inquire into the things that matter most. For several years, he has led a philosophy practice in which he speaks daily over Skype with entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, the ecologically minded, and seekers about the nature of a good life. He and those he speaks with have at least one common thought: “There must be more than this because this is not enough.”

In 2009, he finished a Ph.D., left the academic life, and moved to New York City with the goal to return the fundamental question of “how to live” to people’s everyday lives. He feels that in its very being, philosophy is a pursuit whose final aim is to help all people to lead the most excellent human lives that they can: considered, aware, vibrantly alive.

Andrew is a faculty member in Lougheed leadership at The Banff Centre in Canada, where he trains creative leaders, and at Kaos Pilots in Denmark, where he teaches social entrepreneurs and enterprising artists. He is the author of several books addressed to general readers, including The Art of Inquiry, Cultivating Discipline Lightly, The Good Life and Sustaining Life, and, most recently, Money Rules for Simple Living.