This week in comments: February 12th—February 18th, 2018

What do Finland, religious animals, the American economy, fish, and Walmart have in common? They were all part of our comments of the week. Did you make the cut?


Mercury making its way into global drinking water thanks to global warming

Colin Montgomery: Never mind the mercury, the melting permafrost is releasing v huge amounts of methane which is 20 times more powerful a greenhouse gas compared to Carbon Dioxide. 

Paleontologists now think the smoking gun that killed off 95% of all life 250 million years ago in what's called the great extinction event, was the release of millions of cubic feet of frozen methane, first into the warming seas, then from there into the atmosphere. They reckon it raised the average global temperatures by 10 degrees centigrade above normal, which damn near wiped the Earth clean of life.

William Tretiak: I sure hope when we’re all gone that whatever comes after us is not as selfish or dumb.

The Universal Basic Income: Why Finland Is Giving Away Free Money

Kylee FieldI love how everyone says that a social democracy would “eliminate small businesses” but virtually every social democracy has significantly more small businesses than America by a landslide. Lmao social democracies don’t kill small businesses, Walmart does.

Millennials Are at Higher Risk for Mental Health Issues. This May Be Why

James Christie: Well, our economies went from having 1 income with a suburban house with 2 kids and a pet to 2 people working 3 jobs to pay rent and food. No wonder we're depressed. 


Can Animals Be Religious?

Eddie S. Jackson: The difference between animals and us...we have the facts, the proof, to know better. We choose to believe in sky wizards, even though there is no evidence to support such belief. That places us somewhere below most animals. Explains why we allow our children to be massacred in schools, while we send prayers to families. Instead of melting all the guns down, we'll go to churches and talk to god. Let's continue doing that...seems to be working great.

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