'Web Erasers' Won't Work

Digital data is easily produced and copied. It doesn't take up too much drive space, and, once uploaded, it can remain online in perpetuity.

At the invitation of the German government, an IT professor has introduced software that allows people to set an expiration date for photos they post on Facebook or other sites. What it can't do, however, is prevent others from copying or stealing a person's personal data and posting it wherever they want on the Internet. The greater the urge to delete Internet data, the harder it seems to be to actually get rid of it. There is even a word for this effect and it comes from an incident that happened to Barbara Streisand.

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Surprising Science
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  • Dark matter is estimated to take up 26.8% of all matter in the Universe.
  • The researchers will be able to try their approach in 2021, when the LHC goes back online.
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Scientists create a "lifelike" material that has metabolism and can self-reproduce

An innovation may lead to lifelike evolving machines.

Shogo Hamada/Cornell University
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  • Scientists at Cornell University devise a material with 3 key traits of life.
  • The goal for the researchers is not to create life but lifelike machines.
  • The researchers were able to program metabolism into the material's DNA.
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