Despite Being Hands Free, Google Glass Still a Driving Distraction

The first study to examine the wearable technology as a road distraction found that it's still dangerous to text while driving even if you're not holding a phone.

The results are in from the very first scientific study to explore texting with Google Glass while driving. Not surprisingly, the findings of the University of Central Florida study indicate that texting is distracting no matter what device you use. There was an interesting twist though, as reported by UCF Today:

"In the study, texting Glass users outperformed smartphone users when regaining control of their vehicles after a traffic incident."

UCF researcher Ben Sawyer, who holds degrees in both Psychology and Industrial Engineering, thinks that the elevated performance of Glass wearers means an opening exists for Google to improve the product's safety features. If they can a way to deliver information in a way that minimizes distraction, there's a chance that wearing Glass behind the wheel could even be beneficial. 

The problem for now and in the future is that state and local governments can't trust drivers not to use Glass in ways that are distracting. This is why legislation should be put forth that totally restricts usage.

Until we make the total and absolute transition to driverless cars, it's for the best if Google Glass rides shotgun.

Read more about the study at UCF Today

Photo credit: Karen Roach / Shutterstock

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