More Ships Necessary in Pacific for Pivot to Asia

The United States Defense Department has been beckoned by the Pentagon to clearly define its strategy in the Pacific towards Asia. 

Article written by guest writer Rin Mitchell

What´s the Latest Development?

The Pentagon addressed the Defense Department in a report calling for more ships in the Pacific and to “better define its strategy,” as it heads towards Asia. The report also indicated that the U.S. “should deploy a second Amphibious Ready Group of ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific to meet the requirements of the Marine Corps”as well as put an “attack submarine” in Guam. This call of action comes after Obama’s strategy plan was released this past January, indicating a rebalance in U.S. military forces toward the Asia Pacific. According to reports, the Pentagon is already facing “$1 trillion in cuts from planned spending over the next decade.” For many, the Pentagon’s request to provide more resources raises questions and needs further consideration. 

What´s the Big Idea?

In wake of the Pentagon’s report to the Defense Department, leaders would like to see a 30 year frameworkmuch like the one used by the U.S. in the Cold War. “This is particularly important as support for the resourcing of major overseas initiatives, in the current fiscal environment, will depend to a significant extent on a clear articulation of U.S. strategic imperatives and the manner in which the investments address them.” 

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