Unlikely Al Qaeda operatives can find a wealth of information supporting Jihad on the Internet and some have taken to courting terrorism groups like sports teams pledging their support in their free time. "Colleen LaRose, the Pennsylvania terrorism suspect known by the online moniker 'Jihad Jane,' certainly defies the stereotypes associated with extremist Islam. But according to counterterrorism experts, Ms. LaRose, who has not been connected with any organized militant group, represents the growing threat posed by 'jihobbyists.' These are people drawn to the online theater of violent jihad, becoming increasingly radical as they delve deeper into the chat rooms and forums that espouse Al Qeada ideology. According to the federal indictment against LaRose, she had pledged to commit murder in the name of jihad. On Thursday, she pleaded not guilty to federal charges that she recruited men and women to wage attacks in Europe and Asia and plotted to murder a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the prophet Muhammad as a dog. Unlike many of the other Americans currently facing terror-related charges, LaRose allegedly acted on her own without any training, associations with radical groups, or links to extremism beyond what her Internet connection provided."