Protestors who are skeptical about the efficacy of homeopathic medicines are staging a “mass overdose” in a bid to prove that such treatments are bogus. “In what is being billed as ‘rationalism's Kool-Aid moment’, a mass ‘overdose’ is being planned next week in protest at the marketing of homoeopathic medicines. More than 300 people who style themselves as ‘homoeopathy skeptics’ will each swallow an entire bottle of homoeopathic pills in protest at the continued marketing of homoeopathic medicines by Boots, the high street chemist chain. The protest is due to take place at 10.23am on Saturday 30 January. It is organised by the ‘10.23 Group’, who take their name from Avogadro's constant, which they claim proves that homoeopathy cannot work. Avogadro's constant – roughly 10 to the 23rd power – places an upper limit, broadly speaking, on the number of molecules in a given volume of liquid or gas.”