Finally someone has said it, remarks Fox News’ Michael Goodwin. Vice President Biden stated categorically in a speech in Israel that the US will not tolerate nuclear weapons in Iran, saying: "The United States is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, period." Such straight talking puts to rest fears generated by more muddled postulating from President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the subject. Goodwin observes that although both Obama and Clinton “talked tough” previously, they have “gone soft in their endless engagement efforts”. Goodwin continues: “Whether Biden changed the dynamics depends on what we do next. Our movement toward modest sanctions seems half-hearted, and there is no reason to think China will agree to those. Even then, it's not likely any sanctions will stop the mad mullahs' march to Armageddon. Biden, to his credit, spoke directly to those fears and the stakes. After declaring the U.S. intentions to stop Iran from getting nukes, he said: ‘I know that for Israel, there is no greater existential strategic threat. Trust me, we get that.’”