He Calls it Art

What is your definition of Art? Whatever it is, I am most certain Otis Green's differs slightly. Take a look inside

You can find him on the 125th Street exit of the FDR heading southbound in NYC.  His name is Otis Green and he is a rather creative artist.

On any given day, you will find Otis in an array of costumes displaying quotes that are either thought provoking or downright insulting.  I love how he utilizes what seems to be his favorite fruits to get his points across...watermelon and pineapple.  He cuts and shapes these fruits in clear depictions of symbols and signs (I will try to capture a picture one day).  On this particular day, Otis was feeling rather Apollo'ish as he stood boldly on a grid-locked highway displaying his creativity to the world.  Saluting cars as drivers slowed  to either gaze in disbelief, laugh disparingly, wonder curiously or take pictures out of sheer interest :)  Every time I pass the "self-proclaimed" artist, I wonder how Otis would respond in a formal interview...soon to come.  What I also question is how do people react to a man that is not afraid to express himself  in such a transparent, nonverbal form... Are we so immune to avoid or fear those that we do not relate to and do we find comfort in immediately diassociating ourselves from "awkwardness?"

One thing Otis makes clear in his postings is that he is a man...Although homeless, he clearly writes that "I have dignity. I have never smoked, used drugs or been addicted to any narcotic or suppresant. 

So...Is there a clear definition for art or artist?  If so, why hasn't anyone ever written about Otis or publicized some his art??  I also question do socio-demographic factors determine ones success??   Perhaps I am imposing too much thought into a man that has a message no one may ever know...Stay tuned, as I take a deeper look into Otis Green -

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