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Where was God on 9/11?

Pick a side, just like a football game with an invisible cup to win?

    With the latest anniversary about to tick over, my question is where was God on 9/11 in Lower Manhattan? was he on the plane with the Muslim extremists? was Jesus powerless to save all the faithful in the towers sending up their prayers as the drama unfolded? was it a clash of religious idealogies or something else?

Given a Priest has just hijacked a plane in Mexico citing ‘divine revelation’ should we be restricting the flight plans of anyone with strong religious affiliations?

Muslims say accept Jesus as God and you go to hell. Christians are required to accept only Jesus as the way to heaven, all others go to hell. Given they can’t be both right maybe it’s time to admit the infinitely greater balance of probabilities outcome, that they are both wrong.

9/11 victims… the latest in a long line of religious killings, RIP.

With Easter and Passover on the minds of so many millions of Christians and Jews this weekend, so are the deeper themes of renewal, promise, and liberation that these religious […]

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