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Where is the rebuilding

You know I’ve heard this story a few times, 2 days after The Great Chicago Fire there was an article in the paper that made sure everyone knew that “CHICAGO SHALL RISE AGAIN.” I didn’t see this same reaction with New Orleans, while there was a lot of initial press and social help that has sense died down (including my own effort Project: NOLA, which officially closed doors Dec 31st, 2006), but even right after Katrina I don’t remember hearing the nation shouting “New Orleans is Coming Back,” I do remember an instant debate about the cost-effectiveness of rebuilding.

I’m sick of the disrespect New Orleans has to endure. It’s one of America’s great cities, it’s going to be rebuilt, let’s rebuild it right!

BTW: If you’re thinking about New Orleans, or want to see a new social change method at work, check out the UNOP — one of my favorite groups on the scene.


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