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Wednesday Papers or the headlines

Al-Tagheer republishes this piece by Faysal Mukrim of al-Hayat, which happens to be strangely similar to the piece written by Muhammad al-Ahmadi in al-Ghad, which is edited by Mukrim.

Mareb Press brings us a summary of the old Huffington Post piece on Yemen, complete with interesting transliterations of names like Huffington and Fulbright. Khaled al-Hammadi continues his excellent reporting on the problems in the south. Al-Zindani’s daughter, Aisha, continues to make the news for all the wrong reasons, this time attacking Islah.

Sorry for the delay in postings, but I have been busy with radio interviews this morning – if I can find a link I’ll post it later.But the real news, […]
Faysal Mukrim of al-Hayat has a decent overview of a number of recent events in Yemen. He mentions the transfer of al-‘Awfi, al-Wahayshi’s recent audio tape and he says that […]

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