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Water, water everywhere but …

This is an excellent article by Mohammed al Qadhi in today’s National on the water problem in Ta’izz, which is even worse there than it is in San’a.

In other news the brilliant and funny team over at the Boursa Exchange does exactly what I promised I would not do and translates the interview ‘Abd al-Malik al-Huthi gave to Arafat Madabish. (I feel the pain on vowelling without my two-volume, 2,000 page Mu’ajim al-buldan wa al-qaba’il al-yamaniyyah I would be in the same boat and even with it I am often lost.)

There is also this article from Time, which features a couple of quotes from me, which I think are particularly well chosen.

Below are books I recommend on Yemen, divided into four categories based on nothing other than my own biases.General/Accessible:Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land, Tim Mackintosh-Smith(US Title: Yemen: The Unknown Arabia)My […]

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