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Guest Thinkers

Vision challenge – Part 1

Here’s a challenge for all of us educational technology advocates…

Can we articulate in a few short sentences or paragraphs what the

end result looks like?

Children learning collaboratively, students

as self-directed learners, a computer in every kid’s hand, ubiquitous Internet

access, creative problem-solving rather than rote memorization, global

interconnections, etc. Whatever we think the desired end point should be: can we

articulate it in a clear, concise manner that’s easily conveyable to others? Can

we describe what students and teachers and administrators are doing and why

(i.e., the educational purposes and benefits of doing so)?

One of the key aspects of successful facilitation of change is the ability to

convey a clear vision of what lies at the other end. As

David Warlick notes

, many of us feel that we need to tell a new story. However, it’s not enough to just say we need one. We actually need to tell it. So can we

do it? Can we tell the new story?

I look forward to seeing what we come up with…


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