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Thom Yorke, On Assignment

Radiohead’s front man attended the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and has posted his observations on the band’s website.

“Yesterday, Thom Yorke got a hold of a press pass and crashed the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently going down in Copenhagen, Denmark. And it looks like Yorke is putting his journalist credentials to good use. The Radiohead frontman has posted reportsfrom the conference on the band’s blog, Dead Air Space. He’s not exactly optimistic about the mega meeting, where world leaders are currently trying to hash out a plan for reducing emissions and slowing climate change.” Yorke, reflecting on the conference, said, “well … i am truly disgusted about the way things have ended here. if you read in tommorrows headlines that a deal was reached?? remember it was nothing like what was needed and was filed by a bored complicit press who needed to show something for two weeks of crap.. and that it reflected the wests inability to lead decisively.”


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