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Guest Thinkers

This is one of my favorite corn and cheese recipes for big thinking.

It’s called “what is it?”

So… for mixing purposes, anything that will hold anything will work fine. 

First thing, you’ll have to get the ingredients.  They are: everything, every possibility, nature (that usually comes with one or both of the first two), time (so does that and the rest), nothing and love.  Some of these might be hard to get a hold of, but a little of each can still give you a pretty good taste of what it is.

So how it goes is, add the ingredients in any order you like.  Just don’t forget to add all of them.  Stir em in slow.  I usually start with everything.  You don’t have to.  Stir it slow, stir it good.  You’ll probably like to add some of your own ingredients.  Do it.  That’s awesome.  Rock on.

A good drink to go with this is what ever you like that’s good.

I realize that this recipe doesn’t work for everyone.  That’s totally cool.     

Hope who ever reads this likes the recipe.  And if anyone has there own I would love to hear it. 🙂  

Love ya


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