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The Grind of Blogging

“Blogging is an ego-intensive process.” The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder says he will not miss the navel-gazing—todays is his last day as a blogger.

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder on why he is leaving blogging: I loved the freedom to write about whatever I wished, but I missed the discipline of learning to write about what needed to be written. I loved the light editorial touch of blogging , but I missed the heavy hand of an editor who tells you when something sucks and tells you to go back and rewrite it. … Really good print journalism is ego-free. By that I do not mean that the writer has no skin in the game, or that the writer lacks a perspective, or even that the writer does not write from a perspective. What I mean is that the writer is able to let the story and the reporting process, to the highest possible extent, unfold without a reporter’s insecurities or parochial concerns intervening.


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