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Guest Thinkers

The Evolution of God

“There is no room in the universe of Hawking or most other scientists for the activist God of the Bible.” Philosopher Julian Baggini charts the evolution of Western religion’s deity.

“In an age when even some bishops are near atheists, ‘man doesn’t believe in God’ is hardly headline news. Unless, it seems, that man is Professor Stephen Hawking. It seems that every subject has its authorities, and in the case of religion, physicists are the new prophets, deposing the religious leaders whose vested interests debar them from being objective observers. As for philosophy, that’s dead, or so Hawking says. Believers know that when physicists talk about God, people listen. That’s why the minority of physicists who hold broadly conventional Christian views have become such important players in religion’s fightback against the idea that science has pulled the rug from under their feet.”


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