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Super-organism vs. God as it gets.

2000 years is relatively short span within earth’s evolutionary time span.

 I left a link to “list of thinkers on Super-organism theories” for folks who find that stuff interesting.

I would like to hear some debate on the act of “searching out new ideas to insure that humans are doing the best in preparing for their future.” as opposed to ” Claiming that change is unnecessary and yet could be damaging to our 2000 year old proven way of life”

2000 or even 10,000 years seems very short in a greater picture of Earth and even shorter in the Universe.

The simple combustion engine has been used and improved upon for 150 years. We are just now seriously considering replacing it. We still use the pic, spoon, and jar/vessel but have added the slurping straw, no plow farm, database/vessel.

When I read about theories like Superorganism, I find them interesting but far from established truth. Instead of trying to make them work or fit, I try to think of ways to use the concept to improve a situation or product.

Keep in mind that abrupt changes in social systems have proven to fail. Suddenly throwing away religious belief to replace it for a better is fools gold. Any huge cultish concept where folks are willing to fight for the right to stay the same, can only be intergrated with new concepts not forced out in a short time period.

Try to stay within the first paragraph brief on the debate if we can.


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