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Summer Schedule 2011

It is June and it will be 95 here in Ohio tomorrow, so I guess summer is here. Coming part and parcel with summer comes my usual odd schedule, so I thought I’d give you all a heads up to what is coming for the next few months – and some special features to which you can look forward.

First off, I will be away from the blog starting June 10 until June 21 … and I will be completely out of touch. “Why?” you ask. Well, I’ll be getting hitched this weekend and then its off to the honeymoon (no place with volcanoes, mind you), so I will avoiding the interweb as best as I can. I will leave an open thread if something exciting happens – and look for a post marking the 20th anniversary of the Pinatubo eruption about midweek next week.

Later in the summer, from July 13-28, I’ll be off in California doing field work at Mineral King, running samples at the ion microprobe lab at Stanford and taking a field trip to Lassen Peak. I’ll likely be more connected during that period, but look for the next volcano profile (when the voting ended, the winner by the tiniest of margins was Ruapehu) along with some other goodies.

Finally, in early August I’ll be headed to a SERC workshop on teaching mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry in Minneapolis – so lots of working on how to better teach about what I find most fascinating: all those hard rocks.

So, the summer is starting – lots to do, but it all will be great fun! 

Top left: Mineral King, California. I’ll be back there this summer.


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