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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 4/22-28/2009

Keep up with the week’s volcanism with the latest USGS/SI update.

The weekly USGS/SI roundup is out. Highlights (beyond Slamet) include:

  • Explosions (some heard 25 km away) and incandescent blocks that started fires at Galeras, Colombia.
  • Ash and tephra being thrown tens of meters into the air and a 4-m tall spatter cone being built at Pacaya, Guatemala
  • Also in Guatemala, Santa Maria’s Santiaguito dome produced ash plumes and explosions.
  • Steam, ash and sulfur odors from the continuing eruption at Redoubt, Alaska.
  • Increased seismicity, steam and ash plumes along with a thermal anomaly at El Reventador in Ecuador

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