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Guest Thinkers

Sign of Justice?

A mother and daughter were made to publicly hold placards admitting theft after stealing from a child on her birthday.

“I stole from a nine year-old girl on her birthday! Don’t steal or this could happen to you!” reads a large white placard held by a defeated looking middle-aged woman with dyed blond hair and a purple jacket sitting by the side of the road in Bedford. This slightly Draconian punishment was given to Tina Greikspoor and her daughter after they swiped and used a gift card belonging to a child that had been placed on a shelf in Walmart while an employee helped her. The pair were made to stand outside the courthouse wielding their signs for more than four hours in a creative piece of retribution. The nine year-old’s mother drove past the courthouse in order to teach her daughter the importance of obeying the law.


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