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Redoubt Returns?

Don’t look now, but Redoubt might be trying to make a late year comeback, as AVO raised the alert status back to Yellow for the first time in months.

The most recent image on the AVO website of the dome at Redoubt, taken in November 2009. Image courtesy of AVO/USGS, by Cyrus Read.

Not much information on this, but AVO just raised the alert status at Redoubt in Alaska to Yellow for the first time since late September. A series of small earthquakes were detected near the summit dome starting at 10 A.M. today, prompting the change of status.

The link to the complete text of the change in status doesn’t seem to work on the AVO site, so here it is:

2009-12-28 09:53:11 – VAN/VONA

AVO is raising the Aviation Color Code to YELLOW and the Volcano Alert Level to ADVISORY at Redoubt volcano. At roughly 16:00 AKDT yesterday Dec. 27 (0100 Dec. 28 UTC) a series of small repetitive earthquakes began occurring in the vicinity of the volcano’s summit. Activity is continuing this morning. See

These earthquakes may be precursory to renewed eruptive activity at the volcano and increased instability of the lava dome. Whether this will result in explosive activity or failure of the lava dome is unknown at this time. However, there is a heightened possibility of volcanic activity that would produce a volcanic ash cloud, pyroclastic avalanches, and lahars and flooding down the Drift River.

Stay tuned … Redoubt might be trying to make a comeback for 2009 Pliny!


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