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Possible eruption in Virunga National Park, Congo

There are some reports of a possible eruption in the Congo, but the details are scant

Busy … so busy! I’ll try to have more later today but the next 24 hours for me are super duper busy.

However, I did want to pass along some news that was noticed by the Volcanism Blog that a volcano at Virunga National Park in the Congo erupted overnight. Now, I haven’t been able to find much information beyond the single report in the Irish Independent – and that report doesn’t even specify what volcano is doing the erupting – Nyamuragira or Nyiragongo. However, we’ve seen eruptions at the park earlier this year so the volcanoes are almost constantly degassing, so this should be a surprise. However, until I can get more information, I’m calling this a “possible eruption.”

More later on this, Sinabung, Etna and whatever other volcano decides to add to the week!


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