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Limbo or Restoration?

Universal Thinking

The brick that will handle them all‰™In the matter of who’s who’s, what’s what’s, and how it all happend.I’m on an opposing end of an argument to comercialize a nation.bieng hit by a 17 year old girl with a cell phn in her hand, with a bottle of vodka i her lap prompted me to want to write this.she had no licence.Was in her grandmothers car.had stolen the car while her grandmother was sleeping.Who is helping who feel love, strength, kindness? mis-communication, eratication, bad innovation, and careless actions by many.  Myself included.

In the past.We live in a society that worries more about scene kids than the kids that are coming into the nation/universe, what have you,  under the” impressoinism.” That this is all ok to be.  My grammer needs work.  The shoes on your feet should say more than the brand label you want on your ass.  Some common good senses.

Over the last few year’s.  I decided to put an action into motion.  For the people that have the least to do with helping a nation survive.  The scene still raises the questions of,

Why they are so blind? 

 Why do they hate? 

 Why don’t they have love?

Are they buying phones instead of homes?don’t they have all their bills payed?

OK ,   You asked for it.

They are blind because they have never looked into a community struggling to stop the violence threw a window at their computer.  Thier plottin pc maps and stratagy not being involved in a gun fight.  i feel better here!

We don’t want “Your” Violence .Gov.,org.,act.We just want to play, live laugh, learn, but love that witch is solace.The people are only allowed that at a price on their own heads in this place.  I have watched and studied this since my friend Tara started my my space page for me.  I didn’t even know what or why people wanted to do this.  I also had 4 room mates that would spend more time on those programs than with there kids.TXTN the next “trendy” thing to know,

Can we say wasting our/childrens brains people.That’s right, I’m an asshole.  Mean anc conrtite. Not wantinf to fall to the knee in honer of any monetary slap.

But, better than than a whole lotta ass.  I was studying with my daughter at night to make this community project work well.   After her day at a gov. district school and plotting my words carefully.

At the time I was happily taking care of several children for a living, working at a sales co to see how they get the lies threw. Just to make ends meet and being with the kids, it was the best part of my day.

Plotting the maps

No tv-

Planing scavenger hunts with them in the yard and woods to learn about nature.  Music was always part of it.  I play guitar, copy no scene or sound at all.  It’s all just in my head, where I live.  I play to give my children something different to listen to at night before they rest for the next scene filled day.  All of us actors down the road to nowhere. 

Now I do understand why people come here. 

Who helps them really??

You wanted a piece of me, hears the whole pie, slice it how you like.

I was sad too!  I fell in love with who I thought was my best friend, JD  only to be plotted for harm and a notch on his trophy case.  I was stupid too.  Live and learn, I did!I would like for people to sit and read as if you are talking in your head.very many on here want to send a message.  But, are you right?

I want you to look over you song set–pictures–test scores–and then ask yourself the question, How am I helping in my community?

Do I speak of violence?

Do I put down others daily to feel better?

Am I showing a better impression than the status quo?

Am I all about Money and Success?

Am I the posser of another problem?

Did I intend to something to help or harm another person for my own gain?

Yes(many will have to say), I know I’m going to feel the walking chill of my grave for even venturing here and righting such obnoxious comments.  Now, cell phones extra emenity’s  omg… don’t even get me started.  I put mine away and cancled the conrtact on my head.

I knew that the reason people carry these bastards is getting them more and more out of touch with their family’s and reality. Causing car accedents @ 90+mi an hr.

Take a glance at yourself threw a double mirror at how much you look down now!People used to innovate mirrors to stare to the stars and galaxies and want to learn what is beyond just humanity.  Now, most people are so wrapped up in vanity, and narcisim the learning has come to a hault and the dumbing down of a nation begins.

Then look at your child do the same thing and tell me your not being a complete moron.Wanting to get “it” before others do is the problemThe word’s


money for the cause’s!

The example I will give you starts here:

When your in the middle of your day to day and a money collector calls you, the stresses of you mind and body start.What is the #1thing that stops great musicians if the “label” of corporate moneys telling them they are not as good as the rest.

I say that’s horse dungKey word “Label”The brand of food you choose to eat has a “Label.”  The overpriced cloths people have to have to conform to the corporations is a “Label”When songwriters and artists, that want to put their own ideas out, who do you hear about?


Not always what is great impressions.You hear about what makes them “MONEY.”How about common good and chipping in for a cause with your own two hands.  If you have know how that would help out be proud to teach that to those in need.  So many are more proud of the size of whats in their wallets, than the safety in their community’s.  My family laughs and tells me to stop taking in the stray’s before I end up getting hurt in the middle.  I’ve been hurt and kicked down I’m not rich but blessed in the fact I don’t care what my bank looks like. I care about the expression om my child’s face when they know scene kids are not more important than them.  They are important.  I don’t want to charge anything to get the right message across.   Use your home pc to type what you need.  No msg is worth harm or loss of someones life.  Think before you act is all I ask people to do.  I have no office.  Want no office.  I have no high class house and happy to know that.  It means I’ve put more effort into being a mother towards nature than “reaping” the quick dollar to get ahead of someone else.  first is not always best if your harming somethin/one in the process.  Does the devil where pradda?  A light needs no exterior it just is what it is withou the neccessity of covers.  I think you need to look up and see that we will all be in a worse position the longer this stupidity keeps going!  Music, really most of it(Mainstream) has gone to crud.  due to lack of new good ideas and more forced corporate idea’s to make a buck.

Money, I don’t want to see touch taste or smell it. It’s the biggest crime of them all. My partner’s ego say’s it is a necessary evil. I do not agree.  There was trade before goldvaccines without proper deadly warnings being given to line the pockets of the major corporations sucking us dry of breath and brains…Come Correct anti humanitarians!!   Besides taxes,most of it being spent on a weapon for coward’s that cannot get past their own shames in history and project that on a universe that really does not want  to see their explosion’s.

TV-OMG  all the same show’s and programs copy one another.  Wow, what commercialistic, and trendy has done to youth.  impact programs are scarce now.

I made my doll’s cloths myself with my grandmother

Barbie can keep her make u.  I feel more parents, aunts uncles, elders,ect… should get back into “basics” and teach the better messages.  Remember,  that these people don’t care what’s in the firing rage(World) before they shoot their brutality to us.Here’s some Duality.

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What the Corporate mogels need you as autobaton’s —– to feel———– you need people!

Loan Co’s  Their not helping you to put you into the negative of any home or buisness project, for interests of money and if your late it’s not their help you will get.  Their “Interest in selling you off to the highest bidder”The auction you so called belongings off like the flock you aim to be, if you feel you need things instead of people.

It is the persurers of the right’s in human nature and natural law, I would like to be a part of! 

 The National Bar Association laws to sue people for their money!  It’s your own be-fumble and stupidity to not see how you were also the fault of your own plight!

 Instead of expanding a young minds to produce better results is who I have no understanding for!  Slave drivers and government convoy’s that take a parent away from their child due to the grounds of “CHILD SUPPORT”  for money!–You idiot’s!!!  Your stopping them from properly supporting and nurturing them by ruining their mind to fall to the royals, drinks, dank, and spank of you!!What selfish exposition of the “Law”hypocrite‘s   and carnage.The sickest of em all!A sale in a reap of what you intend to sew for yourself!!!!!Medicines that are so expensive along with supposed Dr.s that will only see you if the “Price is Right”This is where, how, and when, we live!When want to open their eye’s instead of living deadI understand why I do not fit any corporate mold

I’m a community worker!  I chose to change what the youth around me see’s as the norm.Music is a wonderful way to outlet tension and frustration, I guess that’s why there is so much of it now!Sounding alike.  The corporation only want you to hear about their new “Labels.”  the sound of your self is all that will make you happy.  Frustrated still, I see.I  ‘m trying not to be or I’ll end up on the wrong path.  Helping out this time that’s what I feel is right.  It starts with looking at innocence in the face every day and knowing that technology is not all bad.  Video Games are a great expression of artistic ability and maping.  I have a father that woe’s againsed them.  sorry, Dad but, do you see a video game with a litteral or figurative gun in hand??

Dr’s and medical advancements–Ask the question  are WE as professionals really offering to help our community, or do we have to follow the Monetary laws to get only half of the help/cures in we need.

No,  they know the vacciens make them more money people.

If, they had cures, do you all think they would give them to sociaty? Take a proper eye to the objective view.  No, thiers too much to be spent in pills.  The Operative word is Help out!  Charging and Taxing people is cutting them off at the pass before they get a chance to live and feel better about and for their children to change a thing that is wrong in the universe.  If your a rocket scientist or a avid musician, look around at all the literal blood spatter in the concrete and help teach youth how to make, mold, and build the “staged” ones to stop the real that is going on.  You may get a few laughs with them while your at it.    Everyone has a vice to curb their tensions, their are no two alike, sound like yourself and see how you feel in the morning.  Even if I’m not agreed with I’m ok with that, but it helps to hope for at least half of what youth deserve now a days.  Not what you corporate fuggers think they need


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